A great first impression is a key to selling your house or condo. Prospective buyers want to see your home in “showplace” condition. Most buyers (sell house fast philadelphia) select their home based on emotion and then justify the decision with facts, so it’s important to make the house look great. Remember, you have just a few seconds to create a winning first impression. Here are 101 ways to prepare your house for sale to help boost your bottom line and sell your home quickly.

Garden Borders

Just because you have curved landscaping instead of straight edges, doesn’t mean you can’t install a border around your plant beds (for stone edging ideas). Several types of border materials work just as well for softer curves, easily creating a bend that follows the outline of your landscaping. If you don’t have plant beds already installed, design your beds before creating the border. Use a garden hose to place the curved edge and adjust it until you like the shape. Mark the area with spray paint, remove the hose and follow the painted line to create your curved border.


Vintage Barn Lights can add drama in the same way a splash of color can. It can be a spot of light on a particular piece of art, or it can highlight a moment in the entryway. It can be a candle on the mantel, a fire in the fireplace, or a string of LEDs tucked away into a soffit to emphasize a coved ceiling. Variations on this type are endless when attended by a vivid imagination.

Water Damage

When you have the opportunity to turn misfortune into fortune, you need to seize the day – carpe diem!  There is no better time to release your creative impulse when you have lost so much as in a flood or fire. It starts with repairing the water damage tucson. Then, rethinking the where you would like to move the walls. Next the color scheme. Then the large pieces of furniture. Once that is done. You can start adding the finishing touches to your new work of art.

Organizing the Garage

Organization is an artform too. For instance, getting stuff off the floor was also a priority for Sarah, says Garage Storage Cabinets Los Angeles. Her garage had become like so many others: a place to store every possible bit of clutter. She picked up some holders from the hardware store for brooms, rakes and mops — anything with a handle. Heavy-duty hooks took care of the rest.

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